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We're raising £ 6,000 For My mother Medical Needs - we need fund

HI my Name Afsar i'm working as an accountant we are 5 member in my family including me. my father died in 2005. my earning is not scificent to bear my mom medical bills & Needs. i need money Very Beadly Please Help Us.I have been calling every charity available in our area for the past couple of weeks but, I have found no help at all. By the time i got off hold, every place in town was closed.

 I don’t have any family who are able to help us, Its tearing me apart that i can’t provide enough for my family and I have no where else I can turn.

 i had to at least try! Any help would be greatly appreciated,

I wouldn’t even know how to begin to express how grateful we are for any help.

Thank you for your time. Any help is appreciated. Your little, means a lot for me.

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Fundraiser By
Afsar wajid ali
All proceedings will go towards
Emergency Food Fund

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