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What Lengths Would You Take For Water? #Water4All

What lengths would you take to get water for your family?

That is the question I am asking people this year, as I take on an array of challenges for my #Water4All initiative. 

Vulnerable families in poverty stricken communities go to extreme lengths just to get water home. So I am highlighting water poverty and fundraising to install waterpumps in Pakistani villages where clean and safe water is needed.

You can help change lives by donating

I will be organising fundraising challenges to help reach my target. This includes a 15-mile walk while fasting, walking 5 miles carrying 8 litres of water on my back and walking 5 miles barefoot.

On 23 October, I will also be walking the Sahara Desert with Human Relief Foundation.

Follow me on Facebook to keep updated on the news, challenge announcements and watch my live feeds.

But I cannot do this alone. It would mean a lot if you could help me reach my fundraising target. And if you do donate, please do tick for GiftAid, so more goes to charity with no extra cost to you.

Note: I have started to continue my fundraising on this website rather than on JustGiving so ALL your donation goes towards the cause.

I have already raised £6,935 on my previous JustGiving page, so I want to raise £1,065  to get my fundraising total to £8,000!

Much love!

Fundraising has ended

  • Target £1,065
  • Funds raised £125.26
Completion 12%

Fundraiser By
Hasan Faridi
All proceedings will go towards
Water Projects

5 donations received

  • Online donations £125.26
  • Offline donations £0.00
  • Giftaid £31.32

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