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Hand Delivering Aid To Syrian Refugees


The Syrian Refugee Crisis has been reported as being the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, with people being forced to flee their homes in life threatening ways.

There appears to be no end to their hardship and life can seem overwhelming for some if not all. But one thing that cannot be overlooked, is the power of the people. The fact that Syrian refugees need our help and support is undeniable, and so we must do all that we possibly can to help them. 

The Syrian cause is one close to my heart, and so travelling to provide aid feels like a necessity rather than a choice.

The money that is raised will be put into development projects such as: 

- Healthcare 

- Education 

- Food

- Blankets (during cold temperatures) 

- Air coolers (during hot temperatures) 

HRF purchase blankets, food, stationary for orphans and many other much needed items from Jordan which helps their economy. It's the least we can do for them in return. An example of how your donation can help, however big or small: 

- Thick blankets - £15

- Large food sack - £60 

 It is your dedication that will help me make a real difference to the lives of these people.

Thank you.

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Jordan Deployment

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