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Sakeena's 5K Colour run for a hospital in Pakistan

I am taking part in the 5K Colour Run in aid of the Isakhel hospital in Pakistan.  

Over 1200 people from the Isakhel area benefit from the health-care that is provided by the HRF Isakhel Hospital.

The HRF hospital provides much needed services to the locals from Primary health care to Delivery Units.  They also perform cataract operations and hold a general surgery clinic for those who cannot afford health care.

Help me raise funds towards this hospital and make a difference to the lives of so many!

Please donate generously and share my page!

Jazak'Allah Khair and Thank you!


Fundraising has ended

  • Target £150
  • Funds raised £50
Completion 33%

Fundraiser By
Sakeena Nawaz
All proceedings will go towards
Support Isakhel Hospital In Pakistan

1 donation received

  • Online donations £50
  • Offline donations £0.00
  • Giftaid £12.50

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