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Human Relief Foundation

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Qurbani Project in North of Iraq

In the recent unprecedented and ongoing events in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people are living in a miserable situation with lacks the basic needs of living, health and education, in addition to the lack of security.

I speak to my relatives and friends in north of Iraq, all of them mentioning the financial difficulty that the people experience. It's really a critical situation and unknown future lies behind. We really hope this situation will end soon, however at the meantime the people started to struggle due to this turmoil.

As a person who is his roots from those areas and most of my family still there, I feel it's my duty to do a little for my people over there and am sure you share  the same with me as we all human being and the only difference that we have been fortunate to be living in this safe place i.e in the UK

Human Relief Foundation implements the project of Qurabani/Aladahi over there. This is a good chance to mitigate the suffering of the people by distributing the Aladahi to the poor families and spread happiness in these hard times

Please help to alleviate a little bit of the suffering of the people over there by donating a little to relief the people suffering. You don't know one day God will ease for you something here in this world, Or in the hereafter due to this little relief.

Your money will be used to buy food baskets and get distributed to the families who are in most need.

Thank you very much 

Fundraising has ended

  • Target £3,000
  • Funds raised £2,950
Completion 98%

Fundraiser By
Mohammed Al-Nuaimi
All proceedings will go towards
Emergency Food Fund

18 donations received

  • Online donations £2,950
  • Offline donations £0.00
  • Giftaid £645

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