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Appeal for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

I am raising money for Decembers deployment to Jordan, which will be my fifth since April

The difference we have made to so many people's lives who are struggling and barely surviving, has motivated me to push this campaign. The more people who sponsor and support my work, the greater the impact we can have on those struggling.

I would like to thank everybody who has previously contributed and supported my work, and i request from you all to continue donating to ensure that we can help even more people.

For those following my work on Facebook (Neezo Swansea Dhan) you have seen that your donations are transferred into aid instantly and spent on whatever need has been specified by the Donor

I will return in December and there are a couple of family stories that touched my heart and I would like to help them with your help.

Thanks for all your support

Peace and Love

Neezo :D

Fundraising has ended

  • Target £10,000
  • Funds raised £1,110
Completion 11%

Fundraiser By
nizar dahan
All proceedings will go towards
Jordan Deployment

26 donations received

  • Online donations £1,110
  • Offline donations £0.00
  • Giftaid £243.75

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