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Human Relief Foundation

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Hand delivering aid to Syrian Refugees

Asalaam alaikum,

I will be travelling to Jordan to hand deliver aid to the Syrian people who have fled Syria and found refuge in Jordan. 

I will be travelling in July 2017 and delivering your donations personally.

Where will we be distributing your donations?

We will be visiting:-

  • a Local Women's Centre to distribute blankets
  • an Orphanage
  • Individual homes
  • food packaging warehouse
  • food distribution centre
  • and a disabled children's school

How will your donations be spent?

  • Thick blankets - £15
  • large food sacks which feed a family of 5 for a whole month - £60
  • School stationary, (to help them get back into education)
  • Hygiene packs for new born babies and their mothers.
  • children activities in the orphanage/school
  • and SO MUCH MORE! 

The money raised will be put towards development projects such as healthcare, education, food projects and much more.

Please donate generously and spread the word so that we can make a small difference to people's lives - Your Change, can make a change!

We will also be visiting refugees in Zataari Refugee camp - the largest refugee camp in Jordan which has now become Jordan's 3rd largest city with more than 80,000 refugees! We will be speaking to people living there and asking them to share their experiences.

Please donate for this worthy cause on my page…

Jazakallah Khairan

Thank You All.

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Fundraising has ended

  • Target £3,500
  • Funds raised £2,323
Completion 66%

Fundraiser By
Nayab Rana
All proceedings will go towards
Jordan Deployment

62 donations received

  • Online donations £2,323
  • Offline donations £0.00
  • Giftaid £364.50

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