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I will be personally going out to poverty ridden parts of the third world to provide water wells and building them with my bare hands Inshallah alongside organisations whom assist and implement the works on the ground in each specific country/area.

This is something i have been passionate about for many years and now with the support from all of YOU and HRF it will be implemented to help hundreds and hundreds of children adults and the elderly. These are helpless people who have to travel miles upon miles just to drum up a few glasses worth of water which is unsafe and dirty water at that, which is more often than not full of diseases and harmful substances.

NONE of the monies raised will be used as my expenses at a all, i will be putting this in as my very own contribution as well as all other channels of the fundraising process.

Feel free to contact me directly via email if you have any reservation or queries whatsoever.

Kind Regards

Aziz Jilani 



Fundraising ends on 02 Sep 2021

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Aziz Jilani
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Water Projects

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