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Human Relief Foundation

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Food Packs for Syrian Refugees

Human Relief Foundation are delivering essential food items to Syrian families who fled the war to Jordan. Even tough these families managed to escape the war, they are usually still missing essentials like food, houses, education, money, etc. They need people like you to help them live through this difficult time, so one day they could return to their homeland.

I have pledged to fundraise £9000 to provide food packs for 150 families of Syrian refugees in Jordan. All praise to Allah, before raising this page I have fundraised £770, and I need you to help me raise the rest of the money to achieve the £9000 promise.

your Zakat and donations will be HAND DELIVERED by HRF team within 24 HOURS of your donation being made.

£60 will provide a food parcel for one family

£300 will provide for 5 families

£1200 will provide for 20 families

Please donate all that you can, no matter how little it is, it is still of value and much appreciated. Don't underestimate a single penny. 

* The food parcels contain items such as:
Flour,  wheat, lentils, sugar, pasta, oil, sardines, powdered milk and other essentials.

**Please don't forget to add gift aid to your donation at no extra cost to you. This will ensure that the HRF get their admin and other operational costs covered to continue with their much needed work**

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Azzam Alhaznawi
All proceedings will go towards
Emergency Food Fund

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