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Trekking the heights of the Great Wall of China for Human Relief

Assalamu Alaikum

Brothers, sisters, friends, family and colleagues...

Inshaa Allah (God Willing), I intend to embark of a physically (and mentally) straining challenge of trekking the insane heights of the Great Wall of China in October this year.

Over the course of 5 days, I seek to climb 60 km (just under 40 miles) of un-renovated steps, of which some sections will be twisting, stony, steep and sometimes slippery.

You ask why?... because HUMANITY needs us.

Over 200,000 civilians have been killed in clashes and violence since the unrest in Syria began. Thousands of men, women and children have been fleeing the country, leaving behind their homes and belongings to find safety across the borders in Jordan and Lebanon.

I really want to make a significant difference (with your help) to get aid to these people. There's countless people from these war torn sections who are not only lacking adequate shelter in these cold and harsh conditions, but are not even getting healthy food to keep them strong in their challenge for survival. Its heart breaking to see little children finding food in bins, battling rodents for food just to survive.

The money I intend to raise is to provide food for these people, whilst we as a worldwide family are able to provide, or relocate these people to a safer refuge.

What I'm raising is also 'Zakaat eligible' therefore if you wanted to donate that, you're more than welcome to keep yourself anonymous.

(BTW for anyone not aware or wondering - Zakaat is a 2.5 % of donation obligatory for Muslims to pay towards charity every year to those less fortunate than us - depending on their income)

Every penny counts, and I sincerely pray that for every pound you donate, you get hundreds more back.

Please like, share and spread the word....

Much love, and respect

Ashaz Abdul Batin

On behalf of the unspoken Struggling Syrians

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Ashaz Abdul Batin
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Syrian Refugees

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