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Education Programmes

In some communities education is an assumed right. In others it is a rare privilege. 

The lack of access to education faced by many of the world's children and adults has far reaching implications: communities are forced to remain in a cycle of poverty.

In recent times, education has come to mean a programme of formal study within the classroom. At the Human Relief Foundation (HRF), we believe that education can take many forms including the learning of skills and competences that allow access to a sustainable income.

Education in Iraq

The crisis in Iraq has heightened the need for investment in schools. HRF is currently sponsoring eight schools in Iraq. The sponsorship includes funding for repair work and teachers' salaries as well as the distribution of books, pens, pencils and other school essentials.

Education in India

In India, HRF sponsors the 'Jameatul Momenat' school for girls. The facility operates 3-5 year schooling programmes exclusively for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Education in Kashmir

In Kashmir, HRF has funded the construction and establishment of a children's home, providing care, shelter and education to over a thousand orphaned children. Plans to construct a second children's home are now being considered.

The HRF School Sponsorship Programme allows your donations to make an impact in the heart of education - the classroom.

Education in Palestine

In Palestine, HRF has recently completed the refurbishment of a computer laboratory in the engineering department of the University of Gaza. The £25,000 project allows hundreds of undergraduate students access to a vast range of teaching and learning resources including the Internet.

Our educational projects also take the form of informal skills based training amongst conflict-afflicted communities. In Iraq HRF has invested over £40,000 on providing seamstress training and computer courses for thousands of students over a three year period. The HRF School Sponsorship Programmes teach skills and empower participants.

HRF's commitment to education has granted numerous individuals access to learning facilities. We continue to work to ensure that as many people as possible are granted the opportunity to shine.

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