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Human Relief Foundation

Education Programmes

In some communities education is an assumed right. In others it is a rare privilege. 

The lack of access to education faced by many of the world's children and adults has far reaching implications: communities are forced to remain in a cycle of poverty.

Somalia Human Relief Foundation Education

Project iqra - Pakistan

In rural areas, literacy in girls is under 10%. Children who do not receive an education are more likely to be exploited or forced into slave labour when they become adults.

From our permanent offices in Islamabad and Isakhel, HRF identifies children most in need of an education and change their lives by enrolling them back into school.

Al Basiir School For The Deaf And Blind - Somalia

Some parents of blind children have locked the child away in their homes, taking away any hope they might have of marriage, children and a normal life. They didn’t go to school or get jobs. Instead, they were left to grow old on their own.

HRF is ready to change the perception of blindness in Somalia. Your donation provides educational equipment and accommodation and, best of all, show blind children that they can in fact have a normal life.

Somalia Human Relief Foundation Education

building Schools - Ghana

With your help, HRF has been able to build brand new schools in the Tamale region of Ghana for hundreds and hundreds of young children who need basic education.

A donation towards the fund helps build another school for the children of Ghana.

Human Relief Foundation believes every child deserves the right to an education.

Somalia Human Relief Foundation Education

Watch the video below and see how your donation helped build a school in Ghana for hundreds of children. This is just one of the countless programmes HRF has established.

HRF Educational Programmes allows your donations to make an impact in the heart of education - the classroom.

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