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Human Relief Foundation

Bangladesh Flood Appeal

HRF’s Emergency Response Team is on the ground in Bangladesh providing much-needed aid to those in need. We require your help urgently.

Millions of people in Bangladesh have been caught in heavy flooding across the country. The low lying areas are completely under water. Thousands of homes have been washed away by landslides and families are left stranded on higher ground.

Recent heavy rains have caused the riverbanks to burst, burying houses and blocking roads. People are being killed by sudden flash floods, landslides or buried under collapsing walls. The situation is critical and the food has become scarce.  Many people can only drink the unsafe contaminated flood water to survive, and are being affected by water-borne diseases and Malaria as the crisis escalates.

The death toll is rising and millions have become displaced.

An urgent appeal

Lutfur and his family from Moulvibazar are victims of these recent floods which wrecked their home. They have no savings or means of support. Luftur used to feed his family by growing crops himself and selling them for a little income on a daily basis, but now due to the floods he is unable to farm crops or feed his family at all.

HRF’s Emergency Response Team is on the ground in Bangladesh providing much-needed aid to those in need. We require your help urgently.

Case of Bottled Water - £5

Floodwater is more dangerous than rain water to human health. Floodwater is often contaminated with sewage and chemicals, and can hide sharp objects made of metal or glass. Sewage can cause boils or rashes, chemicals can cause rashes and burning of the skin and eyes after exposure. Floodwater can also carry a host of diseases.

We need your help to distribute cases of bottled water to those in need. This drinking water will prevent people from having to drink contaminated water just to survive.

Food Pack - £15

Food is short. As shops in flood-affected areas have been forced to shut down for business, crops and farms have also been destroyed. Hundreds of families have been affected and are unable to feed themselves through purchasing food or growing their own crops.

We need your help to distribute food packs. These are locally-sourced and feed entire families for at least two weeks.

By giving a food pack today, you will help these families to sustain themselves until their situation improves.

Medical Aid - £15

Your donation towards medical aid will help the HRF team on the ground to purchase medical aid to treat 10 people suffering from illness or any water-borne diseases.

We need your help to provide medical aid to those left vulnerable due to the floods. The aid you give will help save hundreds of lives.

You may make a donation on this page. To donate over the phone, call 0207 060 4422. To make a bank transfer, please click here.

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